Ever since there has been a Reservoir, there's been a single, distintive shoreline, known as "the
point," which has never failed to capture the attention of those who have seen it.

    Imagine a ridged penisula extending far into the lake, with a tranquil cove to the east and the big
lake, with its expansive views, to the west. All graced by a majestic stand of oak and pine.
Now, a select number of families will have the opportunity to call Palisades home.

   One third of the homesites are waterfront, with year 'round access for all boats of all sizes.
The remaining homesites have magnificent views of the lake from their elevated setting.

All homes will be protected by restrictive covenants to ensure quality construction, architectural integrity, and conformity to the high standards you expect in an exclusive community.

Much of the appeal of Palisades, aside from its setting and natural beauty, lies in its ability to shelter residents from the problems of the world. The stress and bustle of the city living is swept away by the serenity and security of Palisades.

Within Palisades' secluded confines, you'll find a world at peace with man and nature.

Our unique entrance, featuring a guardhouse with a lighthouse which sets an elegant tone for the property. Throughout the community, decorative street lights and sidewalks lend an Old World influence. Lavish landscaping lines the curving boulevards.

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Jackson's Premier Waterfront Neighborhood


  Over 100 acres of beautifully landscaped homesites with 170 fine homes in a setting like none other.
  Imagine a neighborhood with a shoreline of over 1.5 miles on the lagest lake in Mississippi (33,000 acres) located at northeast corner of its largest city (Jackson).

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